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1 ) How many player can play in Individul play ?

A- 2 to 8 player



2) How many player can play in Team play ?
A- 4 to 8 player


3) Can we make 3 team's of 2 - 2 players ?
A- No, you can make only 2 teams. 

4) In each tern Jack Die will move from each player ?
A- Yes, pertaining to whosoever’s turn, he/she will get the Jack Die in their turn.

5) In Jack Dice we Roll 5 then what to Do ? how many Dice we can play ?
A- If a player Roll 5 in Jack Die on his or her turn so player can match 5 dice with the card . he or She has to omit one dice. He or she can select one Dice From 6 Dice which to omit.

7) If a player get 6 on Jack dice ?
A- If a player get 6 on Jack dice he or she can match all 6 Dice with cards. 

8) If a player get 7 on sack dice ?
A- Write same point written in Rule book.

9) If I have 3 dice & I Roll 5 or 6 on Jack die then what to do ?
A- Write same point written in rule book

10) If I have 3 dice & I Roll 7 on Jack die then what to do
A- Same as above from rule book

11) Can we put dice on different cards?
A- Yes, you can match dice on different cards or on same cards, as you wish and as you require.


12) If I don't want to match any Dice with any card can we do that !
A- Yes, If you don't want to match it's ok or you can pass your turn without pairing dice in your turn

13) After scoring a card, can I keep the card with me?
A- No, scored card goes to the bottom of the card deck kept aside.

15) In my turn can I put my dice on different cards
A- Yes.


16) After winning card can I use same dice for other Card. In same turn .. !
A- NO If you match dice for winning One card you cannot use same dice In that turn


17) After winning a card, I have left unmatched dice with me so can I pair this dice on other card
A- Yes.

18) If I place a card in the center , can I use my unmatched dice to pair with the new card just placed in that turn itself?
A- Yes.

19) If I am winning 2 card in same turn can I take both card ?
A- Yes you can win more then one card in same turn .

20) In team play, we need to change the score board?
A- Yes In team play you need to use Team play score board.

21) Same team can take different colour dice ?
A- Yes, Each player.... of the team will chose their own individual colour. He/she will get 6 dice of the colour chosen but dots on the dice will be same colour for one team.

22) Can we reserve the jack die on card?

A- No, player cannot reserve the jack die . It will move player to player in their turn .

23) When we can use power of 7 number jack die ?

A- when you are matching a particular dice with a card and last number is remain to match but you don't have that last number in your rolling dice that time you can use power of 7 number die by making it any number for winning that particular card . 

Note: This apples when you got 7 on jack dice on ur turn and your are winning a card by matching jack die

that time we can use 7 number jack die.

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